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- How can teachers and students better protect their online privacy? Student data privacy is a complex issue that can baffle the best of us, but have no fear! The Answer Pad Allows teachers to capture data from students using the web or the app and is touted as being ideal for the flipped. Learn More, request Demo, learn More, request Demo. Verso Described as a feedback tool, this app allows teachers to set up learning using a URL. Space is provided for directions.

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- Teacher Data, use Survey can thus offer school and district leaders a research-supported evidence base from. Publication Type: Tools; Online, availability. The student data analytics software from SchoolStatus helps you turn data into. Easy and powerful querying and reporting. October 22,2019, multi-Tier Systems of Support or mtss is something that I hope youve heard mentioned in your school. Quizalize A great tool that allows teachers to easily create quizzes and homework for students.

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- The only data analytics platform turning student data insight into teacher and. Data collection is not necessarily every teacher s cup of tea, but in today s teaching climate, it s definitely a necessity. After all, good data can. These can be used like exit tickets or during the course of a lesson. Dotstorming, a whiteboard app that allows digital sticky notes to be posted and voted.

Teachers can see results in real-time. With open-ended questions, you can capture data and spin up tag clouds to aggregate response. We also track calls to parents to support a school-wide goal of increasing school-parent communication. There is a limit to the number of users. November 21,2019, how was your day? Formative This online, all-student response system provides teachers the opportunity to assign activities to students, receive the results in real time, and then provide immediate feedback to students. I also like how we have documentation of our attempts to contact parents along with the actual conversations. . Just as a reference point, we do have a few criteria for tools that get added to this list: support formative instructional strategies and ways to activate learners to be resources for themselves and peers, free. Wordle Generates tag clouds from any entered text to help aggregate responses and facilitate discussion. Spiral A quick tool that gives teachers access to formative assessment feedback. These live chats make great companions to classroom discussion, provide exit tickets, or keep a discussion going after the class is over. Coaching teachers and school leadership on getting better at what they do is her passion. You can easily embed the recording into slide shows, presentations, or websites. The teacher can group responses and check engagement levels. Polls can be embedded into websites as well. Teachers choose from a library of video content from popular sites such as, Vimeo, and others. You can collect data offline with no internet access, compute scores automatically, and print or save the rubrics as a PDF or spreadsheet. In the month of October, every outbound call, outbound 1:1 text message, or outbound 1:1 email made with. Students can monitor their progress and work. Kahoot A game-based classroom response system, where teachers can create quizzes using internet content. (Note this is an app that requires a monthly fee, but maybe worth the cost depending on your polling or survey needs.) SurveyPlanet Another survey creation tool that teachers can use to gauge student learning.